Uni changes coming to numerous teams in 2015-16

ByPaul Lukas ESPN logo
Wednesday, May 13, 2015

It's shaping up as a big day for NBA uniform news.

First the league's Christmas Day uniforms for next season got an early release. And now an Adidas catalog has been posted on a popular Internet discussion forum, providing information on many teams' uniform plans for next season.

The catalog, which was posted in a discussion thread on the site SportsLogos.net and quickly began spreading via social media, confirms some long-rumored information and also provides new insights into what fans will see on the court next season.

Highlights include the following:

As had been expected, five teams will be getting makeovers for next season: the 76ers, Bucks, Clippers, Hawks and Raptors. None of these designs has been officially released yet, nor are they shown in the catalog, although the Clippers' new look leaked last month, certain aspects of the Hawks' design are probably foreshadowed by their Christmas uniformand the Bucks and Sixers have scheduled unveilings for June.

The Nuggets will be making some adjustments to their lettering and uniform numbers, but their basic design template will not be changing.

The Rockets will have an updated tailoring silhouette and will also be making a small adjustment to their uniform numbers.

The Mavericks, as expected, will be rolling out the new alternate uniform designed by Mavs fan Geoff Case. This design was unveiled last September but has not yet been worn.

Many teams have new alternate or pride jerseys in the works. The league has its own classification system for these jerseys, depending on whether they can be worn only at home, only on the road or both. The teams involved can be seen here, hereand here, although the individual designs are still under wraps.

Several additional teams will apparently be experimenting with "Stretch" versions of their road jerseys. It's not yet clear what this will entail.

Nine teams will be wearing throwback uniforms. The most intriguing designs are for the Warriors, who'll be wearing their gold "The City" jersey, widely considered to be one of the best uniforms in basketball history, and the Grizzlies, who'll be dressing up as the ABA's old Memphis Sounds.

The Heat will have a "military uniform." The design is not yet available, but at least two other NBA teams, the Spurs and Raptors, have previously paid tribute to the military by wearing camouflage, so the Heat may be moving in that direction.

The 2015-16 season will be the next-to-last NBA campaign outfitted by Adidas, whose contract with the league expires after the 2016-17 season and has not been renewed. The league's new apparel partner -- widely anticipated to be either Nike or Under Armour -- is expected to be announced shortly, and will begin producing uniforms for the 2017-18 season.