Wentz, Eagles hitting restart button on season

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Philadelphia Eagles head coach Doug Pederson knocked on wood during his press conference Wednesday.

He's hoping the team stays healthy and keeps winning following the bye week

So how's he getting them focused on their first game back against the Detroit Lions? Blaring a little Detroit Rock City by Kiss at practice.

"Our season starts now. What we did was great. But we need to buckle down as week one," Pederson said.

"It's only been three games. We got a lot of work to do. We're saying around here it's a new season. We're 0-0," Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz said.

Wentz went home to North Dakota during the bye week to get away. But getting away is not so easy when you're Carson Wentz.

His friends family and fans are excited back home about his success.
He saw a lot of #11 Eagles jerseys.

So how will he respond to his new found fame and all the early season awards? He says he's not worried about it one bit.

"I'm very cautious about taking too much praise. I realize it was only three games and we got a long way to go," Wentz said.

Wentz continues to go the extra mile.

He was in at 530 a.m. again Wednesday morning studying tape on the Lions and working on getting better - even though he's the only rookie QB in NFL history to start 3-0 with no turnovers.

"Towards the next of the week, I was chomping at the bit to get back here. I was ready to go. For me, once we're here, once we're in football mode, it's really easy for me to be locked in," Wentz said.

As the new season rolls on, don't be surprised if you see Wentz roll out of the pocket more and more.
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