Danielle Savre of 'Station 19' donates eggs to surrogate to help gay best friends start family

ByGeorge Pennacchio OTRC logo
Friday, June 4, 2021
Danielle Savre of 'Station 19' donates eggs to help gay best friends
Danielle Savre of ABC's "Station 19" donated her eggs to her lifelong best friend and his husband so they can start a family via surrogacy.

HOLLYWOOD -- Danielle Savre is one of the stars of "Station 19." But the actress is a superstar to two of her dearest friends.

In between fighting fires, love has been in the air on the show. Savre's character Maya is set to walk down the aisle with her fiancée for the season four finale. But since this show comes from Shondaland...we can never take anything for granted!

"It's one of those where there's relationship drama, some fires, and big twists that are gonna happen!" said Savre.

Danielle's character may have many admirable qualities, but in real life, she carries the same positivity and generosity. It's something she shared with her childhood best friend, Chris Ogden-Harkins, and his husband, Jake.

"I donated my eggs to Chris and Jake, and now their surrogate is pregnant and will be having a baby this November. This family is about to get bigger!" said Savre.

Chris and Jake say they are beyond excited with the news. And their only real concern was fitting medical procedures into Danielle's busy schedule! But all three believe sharing their story can give hope to others who want to start a family.

"I think we're hoping this makes people less scared about approaching this," said Savre.

"She's been so open, so willing to let us share, and be excited about our journey," said Chris. "And letting people know who are wanting to start a journey of their own, you can do it in many different ways."

"Everyone's blown away by what you can do now with science," said Jake. "It's amazing. It's beautiful. Not to sound corny, it's magical. It's been amazing. Thanks to Danielle."

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