5th graders trained by stroke team nurses to be 'Stroke Heroes'

COLUMBIA, Missouri (WPVI) -- Kids in missouri are being enlisted to be "Stroke Heroes."

The University of Missouri health care Stroke Team is training fifth-graders to recognize the signs of stroke.

They says it's because grandparents or other older adults are often caregivers for the kids.

"A lot of times kids are the only ones around with their grandparents when something happens like this. It can be a scary thing for them," says Danielle Peek, R.N., of the MU Stroke Team.

A stroke happens when a clot or blood vessel rupture interrupts blood flow to the brain.

Getting help fast can prevent serious damage.

So the nurses are teaching the FAST recognition system.

*F - for Facial droop

*A - for Arm weakness

*S - for Speech problems

*T - for Time to call 911

In the past year, the Stroke Team has taught it to over 500 kids, so they can be "Stroke Heroes."
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