The Legacy of the Festival of Sunflowers at Dalton Farms

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Monday, November 13, 2023
The Legacy of the Festival of Sunflowers at Dalton Farms
Dalton Farms hosts its annual Festival of Sunflowers, an annual end-of-summer tradition that draws the crowds and showcases the beauty of open spaces.

SWEDESBORO, N.J. -- Keith Dalton knows how much work goes into maintaining a farm these days.

His family has tended to the Dalton Farms since 1790.

"It's about legacy," Dalton exclaims. "Part of my responsibility is making sure this land doesn't get used for development. It's a community responsibility making sure this remains a farm. This has always been an agricultural farming community."

The Festival of Sunflowers is an annual tradition at the family run farm. And a big reason to keep this space an attractive open space for crops, people and entertainment.

Acres and acres of fields dedicated to the summer favorite sunflower are set aside and toiled over each year.

Billed as agro-tainment, the crowds that support this family business are a big reason the Dalton family and business partner Chris Viereck are able to keep the farm as a viable tourist and community destination.

They welcome thousands of visitors every year to take pictures, snip samples and marvel at the acres and acres of sunflowers and other flowers in bloom.

"A lot of work but a labor of love," Dalton says, "I want the crowds to leave here knowing they supported our farm and our way of life."

Chris Viereck lays out his plan, plants and monitors each row and works all hours of the day in preparation for the crowds.

"People don't realize how much work goes into something like this," he says.

"We're too busy to think about the magnitude of it all," says Dalton. "Chris and I will sit back and think, wow, we did this and people came out and enjoyed it. The responsibility is for this legacy and making sure this stays here forever."

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