Cities try to lure Amazon's second headquarters with bars, a cactus and sunny days

The deadline for bids for Amazon's second headquarters is Thursday, and cities have gone all out to lure the internet giant.

The Seattle based retail company said they would invest $5 billion and bring in 50,000 jobs to the city that wins the bid.

The city of Stonecrest, Georgia is trying to woo the company by pledging to change their name to Amazon if chosen. An economic development group representing the city of Tucson, Arizona attempted to send CEO Jeff Bezos a 21-foot cactus as a part of their bid. The cactus was donated to a local desert museum by Amazon.

Some cities have tried to highlight their sunny weather in contrast to the home of Amazon's first headquarters: Seattle. Denver and Austin have touted 300 sunny days a year, while Albuquerque, New Mexico, Bezos' birthplace, upped the ante by claiming 310 cloudless days.

Bars, pubs and nightlife are also a selling point for some cities. J.J. Ament, chief executive officer of the Metro Denver Economic Development Corp, highlighted the 348 breweries in Colorado. Mike Savage, mayor of Halifax, Nova Scotia, extolled the Canadian city's nightlife as a selling point. And the city of Louisville is leaning on access to a local specialty: Kentucky bourbon.

Providence, Rhode Island is trying to use its designation as the coolest city in America by GQ magazine to show how hip they are, while Chicago is taking a different approach.

"We're sort of a put-your-head-down community, where we just work real hard and build real business," says Howard Tullman, the CEO of 1871, a Chicago tech incubator.

The company will consider a multitude of factors when choosing the city for its second headquarters. It is believed the official announcement will be made sometime next year.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.
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