Police search for convicted sex offender in New Jersey Pine Barrens

Online records show Theodore Blackson was convicted of sexually assaulting a 14-year-old in 2010.
TABERNACLE, New Jersey (WPVI) -- New Jersey State Park Police want hikers and campers to be on the lookout for a man wanted by law enforcement.

He's a convicted sex offender who authorities say violated his parole, and he may be camping in New Jersey.

On Thursday, officials patrolled a remote area near Wharton State Forest in Burlington County in search of Theodore Blackson, 34, of Lawnside.

They also put out an alert on Facebook this week.

Online records show Blackson was convicted of sexually assaulting a 14-year-old in 2010, and authorities say he recently violated the terms of his parole on April 4 by failing to report.

"It's kind of scary. I usually get notifications on my phone but I didn't get that one," said Jill Watson of Chatsworth, N.J.

Police say Blackson frequents the Batona Trail, a 53-mile hiking trail through the New Jersey pine barrens.

Authorities believe he could be camping anywhere from Carranza Road in Tabernacle Township to the Bass River State Forest.

Blackson is 5'11", weighs 210 pounds, and is known to wear green camouflage jackets.

Police ask if you see Blackson call 1-877-WARNDEP (1-877-927-6337)
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