Top 6 Animal Shelters: Last Chance Ranch in Quakertown

QUAKERTOWN, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- Lions, tigers, and bears...well, almost!

At Last Chance Ranch in Quakertown, a nonprofit rescue and rehabilitation farm, they have dogs, cats, horses, roosters, and everything else in between.

All of the animals are provided full medical care. The onsite staff and volunteers give walks, cuddles, and - sometimes - a little grooming.

I watched some of their resident ponies getting a much-needed nail trim!

First, I met Peaches, a four-year-old female, and Pig One, a one-year-old male piggy. They're smart, have big, vocal personalities, love belly rubs, and will pretty much do anything for a snack.

Peaches climbed right into my lap for a piece of cucumber!

Next, I met Billy, 13, Benedict, 10, and Vegas, 20. All three of these boys are thoroughbred former racehorses rescued from a livestock auction. All it took was a few sugar cubes and some nose scratches, and they were ready to run. They were so excited, they were even flirting with the female horses in the pen next door.

Then there was a Mila, a two-year-old terrier hound mix, who came to the ranch from Georgia. She loves treats and plays ball too! She would do best as the only dog in the home, and she would do great with older children. She snuck in a few kisses to my face in between ball throws.

Mushu is a one-year-old vision-impaired ferret, but that sure doesn't stop him. He was playing, running in circles, and it seemed as though he sensed he was on camera since he was following it around the room.

To adopt any of the darlings we featured from Last Chance Ranch or to check out what else they have on the grounds, you can call to make an appointment at 215-538-2510 to meet them in person, Monday through Saturday.
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