EF-1 tornado touched down in Burlington County, National Weather Service says

SPRINGFIELD, New Jersey (WPVI) -- The National Weather Service has confirmed that Saturday night's severe storm spawned an EF-1 tornado in Burlington County, New Jersey.

The tornado, with winds at 80-90 mph, touched down in Springfield Township just east of Route 206 and Columbus-Jobstown Road intersection. This is about one mile northeast of the Burlington County Fairgrounds

The tornado stayed on the ground for 7.9 miles before it dissipated near the Ocean County line.

The storm left a path of destruction but no injuries were reported.

"Significant tree damage was observed in a neighborhood north of Columbus- Jobstown Road. From there, several large limbs were snapped off on Island Road. One tree was uprooted and one was snapped on Juliustown-Georgetown Road," the NWS said.

On Sunday morning, Springfield Township residents were out cleaning up from the damage.

Homeowners tore down trees in danger of falling onto their homes off of Mount Pleasant Road. Neighbors there say this type of damage is nothing new.

"It's an annual occurrence. Every time we get the big straight-line winds, we lose trees. Last year, there was one on the house," said Bob Fredericks, who calls this cleanup a "chainsaw day" for the neighborhood.

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The National Weather Service is investigating a possible tornado in Burlington County, New Jersey.

He had three trees crash down in his yard as a result of high winds and heavy rain from Saturday's storm.

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"Huge trees and they make quite a sound. That old saying 'does a tree fall in the forest and no one's around does anyone hear it?' Well, we heard these," he said.

Other neighbors had branches puncture roofs and trunks smash cars, but they're calling themselves fortunate.

"Thank God that nobody got hurt. We got some cars in the neighborhood that are damaged, but nobody got hurt, so we're grateful for that," said Jimmy Barnes.

PSE&G crews were also in the neighborhood assessing downed wires in the neighborhood.

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