Looters damage Upper Darby's shopping district; other protest remain peaceful

UPPER DARBY, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- The damage done by looters in Upper Darby's 69th Street shopping district is nothing short of jaw-dropping.

Municipal officials said Monday that they have no doubt the people who did this were not from Upper Darby.

"The mayor, myself, and other elected officials yesterday were in the township participating in these peaceful protests and then, yesterday afternoon, that was not a protest. It was chaos that came to our town here," Timothy Bernhardt, Upper Darby's police superintendent said.

A dozen people were arrested.

Local officials were forced to institute a township-wide overnight curfew in Upper Darby, and today, they are in discussions with the National Guard to help local law enforcement efforts over the next few days.

Vandals also converged on the King of Prussia Mall this weekend.

The amount of damage done was limited due to Upper Merion police reportedly being able to monitor plans to attack the mall via social media.

Twelve people were arrested, before a curfew was enacted in King of Prussia as well.

Meanwhile on Monday, in Doylestown, hundreds of people marched and chanted in support of justice in the death of George Floyd.

"Peaceful protests can get things done. You can show change through peace, through solidarity. Showing you don't have to riot. You don't have to loot to make a difference," said protester Connor O'Hanlon.

The curfew goes back into effect in Upper Merion Monday and Tuesday nights.

The curfew in Upper Darby will go into effect nightly until further notice.
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