Valentine's Day is here! Delaware Valley shifts focus from Super Bowl to flowers, cakes

"We do about ten times our average daily volume on a holiday like Valentine's Day."

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Tuesday, February 14, 2023
Surprise! Valentine's Day sneaks up on Philly area after Super Bowl
Valentine's Day has arrived, much to the surprise of many who may have been absorbed with the Super Bowl.

DREXEL HILL, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- Valentine's Day has arrived, much to the surprise of many people in our area who have been absorbed with the Super Bowl.

"The Super Bowl was a huge distraction for Valentine's Day, and we knew that was going to be the case. So we didn't really have a busy day on Saturday or Sunday, but it hit really hard yesterday, and it's going to be again today," Tim Farrell of Farrell's Florist in Drexel Hill said on Tuesday morning.

Farrell prepared, knowing to expect a lot of walk-ins. He said Valentine's Day is their busiest day of the year.

Internet orders came flooding in overnight.

"I left here last night with everything done. I came into a whole stack of orders again this morning at about 6 o'clock," Farrell laughed.

He noted, "We do about ten times our average daily volume on a holiday like Valentine's Day."

Farrell remarked that bouquets of all different colors are always well-received, but said that red flowers tend to be the most popular choice on Valentine's Day.

"Red flowers: red roses, red alstroemerias, red carnations, red lilies, red gerberas, you name it. If it's red, it's popular," Farrell emphasized.

Over at SophistiCakes in Drexel Hill, the bakery also expects walk-ins.

"We have lots of stuff in our cases; people can just come in, grab what they need," stated employee Susanne Falcone.

They did the quick shift themselves from Eagles-mania to sweets for your sweetie.

"This year especially, our focus was really on football and the Super Bowl, and now everyone's like, 'Oh my gosh! It's Valentine's Day,'" laughed Falcone, who said they were packed over the weekend with the Super Bowl rush.

Pink and red. Hearts and flowers. From cheesecake to cherry pie, the bakery is constantly replenishing its cases for its customers.

"Valentine's Day, we did a lot of cute rosette designs," Falcone said while pointing out the rose-inspired frosting on a row of nearby chocolate cupcakes.

"A lot of people like our single-layer case cakes; they're an easy thing we can personalize. It doesn't necessarily have to say 'Happy Valentine's Day,' it can say whatever they want," Falcone said, pointing to a white frosted cake with festive sprinkles surrounding its perimeter.

"Our signature cake is usually the vanilla pound or the vanilla pound with chocolate chips," continued Falcone.

"The bakers are constantly baking all day long. So we can usually grab what we need, get it iced up and into the cases quickly," said Falcone.

Happy Valentine's Day!