Vino Bambino makes wine, hosts wine blending parties in Broomall

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Wednesday, November 23, 2022
Vino Bambino makes great wine, hosts wine-blending parties
Two long-time friends started Vino Bambino, turning their wine-making hobby into a wine-blending experience for all to enjoy.

BROOMALL, Pa. (WPVI) -- Vino Bambino Winery in Broomall specializes in wine blending.

A wine-blending experience starts with tasting a flight of three different wines and choosing your favorite.

The favorite becomes the base of the second flight.

Once you create your ideal custom blend, you make your own label and let the aging process begin.

"Nine months is a good timeframe for the fullness of the flavor to really reach its maximum potential," says Blend Master Anthony Voci.

Vino Bambino translated literally means "wine baby" in Italian and that's exactly what it means to owner John Giacomucci.

John's parents are from Abruzzo, Italy.

"They used to crush grapes in the garage and funnel it down with the hose into their basement," says Giacomucci.

John and Anthony met on a baseball field in Broomall when they were 13 and they've been friends since.

What started as a wine-making hobby, turned into a wine-blending experience for all to enjoy.

Their wine-making operation now makes a dozen varieties.

They pride themselves on using minimal sulfites and old-school winemaking methods.

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848 Sussex Boulevard, Suite C, Broomall, PA 19008