Digging out, cleaning up in Pottstown, Pa.

POTTSTOWN, Pa. (WPVI) -- Pottstown ended up with a little more than 15 inches of snow on the ground Wednesday.

It is a historic Borough which has a lot of on-street parking, which means a lot of plowed in cars which had to be dug out Thursday.

The snow that gave Frosty and his friend form took hours to accumulate Yesterday, but it started to melt in today's Sunshine.

The first to go - the snow coating tree branches.

But moving the white stuff that blanketed sidewalks, and encased cars remained a tough task.

Kevin Fleming of Pottstown said of this month's 4 storms, this snow is the hardest to shovel.

"This is actually my second shovel. My other one broke the last time," he said.

In the historic neighborhood around Hanover and Walnut, there is a tradition neighbors say of helping each other dig out.

Gregory Carter the local locksmith makes the first pass with a snow blower then others like Art Green of Pottstown move in with a shovel.

"Everybody pitches in and if I don't get it I am reasonably sure that someone else will get it. The dentist does his share too," Green said.

Carter adds, "All the neighbors are great neighbors." Does everybody pitch in? "Yea no matter what it is. It makes the whole neighborhood a nice neighborhood."

Bernie Morgan of Pottstown says neighbors helped him to dig out his vehicle.

"Really nice to see human beings helping other human beings, almost a religious tone to it, everybody helps each other," Morgan said.

Art Green and Gregory Carter, the locksmith say this informal cooperative snow removal scheme has been part of their neighborhood for 40 years.

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