Fans endure September heat for 'The Boss'

SOUTH PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- We're a week into September, and the streets of Philadelphia are hot once again.

And at the Sports Complex ahead of Wednesday night's Bruce Springsteen concert, fans of The Boss tried to keep cool by staying away from the red-hot blacktop.

"We were gonna sit out there with everybody else, but then I realized you know what let's go up here in the shade. It's gonna be a lot cooler," said Tiffany Caputo of Downingtown, Pennsylvania.

"Oh it was like black top. I was like we are not sitting on this. We're frying like French fries. Like Chickie's & Pete's French fries. I already have sunscreen on. I'm like we're out - there's my tree," said Kelly O'Conner of Downingtown.

One group found a single square of shade in the shadow of an old abandoned trailer.

"Pretty hot. We found the Richel trailer, that doesn't exist anymore, and trying to find some shade before we go in for Springsteen - a lot cooler," said Steve Gallagher of Center City.

But with the grills still going, some decided to sweat it out right out in the hot sun.

"I'm blazing," said Celeste Hawthorne of Northeast Philadelphia.

Out in the heat for hours, Springsteen would soon take them into the late, hot September night.

"It's just a fun experience. Everybody's dancing. Everybody's having a good time. You just always feel good when you leave," said Hawthorne. "Even if you're not a real Bruce fan, it's my first concert he brought me to, and I had such a good time."
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