Weather woes don't stop Memorial Day fun in Atlantic City

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (WPVI) -- Steel Pier in Atlantic City was in full swing as families hit the kiddie rides for a fun night out.

The Bensons from Bear, Delaware, were among them.

"We have eaten, which that's my hobby," said Shelly Benson. "We have gotten on rides so we're just having a wonderful time."

If only 1-year-old Soraya could say the same. The carousel was not her cup of tea.

"I had a good time. She didn't enjoy it that much. She didn't want to get on the horsey, so we sat on the bench," said Jowie Benson.

"We went out on the beach for a while, and now we are here in the arcade playing some games. And as soon as we're done here we're gonna be home," said Gignesh Dargi of Burlington Township, New Jersey.

Earlier in the evening, the Tanger Outlets were busy. Folks left beach bags behind, and switched to shopping bags before the wet weather arrived.

"We are going home tomorrow," said Prudence Decoteau of Brooklyn, New York. "We had a good time this weekend."

"It's supposed to rain? Yeah, we're going to leave tonight," said Diana Schafer of Northeast Philadelphia.

Atlantic City was shrouded in a thick haze all day. The fog gave an eerie feeling to the beach, but didn't stop anyone from enjoying the day.

"You couldn't see what's in front of you at all," said Nicole Lawlor of Northeast Philadelphia.

"We try to get together for Memorial Day Weekend, and this is my beautiful sister and we don't get to see each other much so our family's down," said Brittany Baskin of Jacksonville, North Carolina.
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