Chairs allowed on Parkway for papal events, but...

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The United States Secret Service says those attending events related to the papal visit on the Ben Franklin Parkway can bring chairs.

But, they have suggestions to make the security screening process easier for you and everyone else.

From the Secret Service:

-The smaller or more compact the chair, the easier and quicker it is to verify that it is safe.

-Individuals may not arrive at security checkpoints with numerous or cumbersome chairs because screening these items will unreasonably slow the screening process for everyone else.

-Chairs that are composed of metal poles with large diameters, and poles with openings in which items could be secreted, may require excessive time to verify that they are safe.

-If we cannot verify the safety of a chair in a reasonable amount of time, it will not be permitted through the screening process.

-Additionally, chairs determined to be a "potential safety hazard" also will not be permitted (including but not limited to chairs that could, in the view of the security officer, be disassembled or broken into pieces and used to create a weapon or projectile).