Tuned In to The Parsnip Revolt

August 26, 2008 7:31:12 AM PDT
How do you make Parsnip soup? Just add a Cali-bred hippie songwriter, a yoga guru capable of some crazy stretches and drum fills, a former metalhead bass player and an obsessive compulsive Jerseyite who has a different guitar every week. While it may not sound like the tastiest of ingredients, added together they actually make a savory dish.

Since 2005, the band has revolted against the mundane sounds of modern music and crafted a truly original sound filled with emotion and melodic purity. Despite a collective maturity level peaking at about age 14, they've somehow managed to create a solid collection of honest songs. Music that can be comfortably played acoustically for Geremiah's cat Chino, grooving bass for Brian or rocked out with Jake's electric guitar in a Philadelphia club. And Doug? He can break out the bongos, full kit, or mean veggie-burger anytime! So if you're hungry, check out the menu on The Parsnip Revolt's new EP...the sounds are fresh, the ingredients are just right, & the band is at its best!

Please enjoy the performance video from their show at Doc Watson's

You are now Tuned In to The Parsnip Revolt.

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