Going to see the Eagles in style

January 14, 2009 4:33:06 PM PST
It's time to hit the road again for Eagle One,The Eagle One is the 38-foot long recreational vehicle that's covered in everything Eagles and has become a fixture at the Bird's games. The big green and white beast is the pride and joy of Patrick Moeller, his wife Monica and their four kids from Moorestown. With Patrick behind the wheel, the Eagle One has logged some 22,000 miles in 38 states this season traveling to every home and away game including San Francisco and Patrick is not about to miss this weekend's NFC championship game with the Cardinals! "We've got another 5,000 miles to go, but we have to go to 5,000 miles to go to Tampa," Patrick said. A builder, developer and real estate man, Moeller is a die-hard Eagles fan who usually drives to games with a friend. Each year when the team's schedule is announced he immediately books airline flights for his family so they can meet him for the games and fly back right after so no one misses school. "It's a lot of fun, my friends are real jealous. They're always talking to me wanting to come," Max Moeller said. "It's a lot of fun going to all the different cities and going all over the country," Emily said. "It's amazing, pulling up to the stadiums of the away teams, all the fans boo at you," Sam Moeller said. While the outside is covered with flashing lights and Eagles graphics, inside it's a fully equipped home away from home that sleeps six. Eagles team members have come in to check it out and sign autographs for the kids. "It's been great, it's something I do with my kids and they enjoy it and we do it with a lot of family and friends," Patrick said. "He takes fanhood to a new level, he's like the fans for the Grateful Dead, the deadhead, he's the eagle head," Monica said. It's over 2,300 miles from Moorestown to Phoenix. The drive will take more than 36 hours. If he runs out of gas Pat Moeller could probably get there on adrenaline, he's determined to be there when his Birds take on the Cardinals.