ON THE NET: Video responses, twitter grader

January 14, 2009 8:48:28 PM PST
The latest way to stay connected with people is generating a lot of buzz online lately. Video Conversation

If you're looking for a different and very personalized way to stay in touch with friends or make new ones, we've found a social networking site you may want to check out

Call it a cross between Facebook and Youtube. On seesmic.com users can post videos of themselves talking about a particular topic and then other users can pick up the conversational thread by posting videos of themselves responding. This website truly reaches across borders as you can select the language you prefer and then seesmic away.

LINK: http://www.seesmic.com

Concert track Songkick.com is a great website for concert lovers. It makes it easy to keep track of when your favorite band or artist is in town performing. The site gets listings from 16 different ticket vendors in the US and UK and puts all the concert listings and links to ticket sellers in one place so you can compare prices. THE SITE IS FREE! . Users also get email alerts when an artist announces stops in your city.

LINK: http://www.songkick.com

Move over Power Point

280slides.com is another free alternative to expensive software! This is an online presentation creator. You can present in full-screen mode straight from the web, download your slides, or share your presentation to SlideShare. To add some real creativity you can add photos and movies to your presentation directly from popular web services like Flickr and YouTube. If you're used to using a more well-known program like PowerPoint or want to add to an existing presentation you've already started on that program, you can import and export that Power-Point presentation to 280slides.

LINK: http://www.280slides.com


Ever wonder how well you twitter? There's no more guessing thanks to twitter.grader.com. This site measures the social media power of a twitter user. Calculated as a percentile from 0 to 100, Twitter Grader provides users with a numerical grade to show how their profile compares to other Twitter users. Twitter Grader also provides a ranking to see where your profile stands compared to the other 30,000 plus Twitter users that have been graded.

Twitter grades are calculated based upon the following criteria: The number of followers you have; the power of your network of followers; the pace of your updates; and the completeness of your profile.

LINK: http://twitter.grader.com