Mrs. Fixit: Toddler Tips

January 15, 2009 8:10:30 AM PST
Good job! If you have a curious lil toddler at home you know they can be a handful. Well, I have some ideas to help make life a little easier.

Toddlers love to color but crayons, even the thick ones can be difficult and if they miss the paper crayons can be a lot of work to get off of surfaces. instead, grab some sidewalk chalk. Its easy to grasp, it's easy to draw with and it is easy to clean off of clothes, furniture and fingers!

Kids at this age are starting to recognize people and things. To help them, put pictures of their favorite people and things into a small sturdy photo album and then ask them to "find" favorite.

Teach your little one to clean up! Have them fill a laundry basket with their toys, or laundry or books. You do it first and they'll mimic your lead.

Meal time is messy. If your toddler gets a lot of spills on their highchair but you hate pulling it apart to clean, secure an adult sized apron over the seat and back. The apron will protect the surfaces, but it'll easily remove and throw in the wash!

If your little one hates bibs, keep a couple of heavy t-shirts in a size bigger than they wear on hand. While a toddler can pull off a bib, they can't generally get a t-shirt off. their clothes are protected and the t shirt can be tossed in the laundrywhen their done!

I'm Mrs. Fixit and it's just that simple. Mmmmgoood!!