Fewer choices, lower prices for groceries

February 25, 2009 9:51:10 AM PST
At Aldi food stores, like this one in Collingdale, you won't find big name brands... But you will find big savings.

Aldi says their prices are 40 - 50% lower than regular supermarkets and 16-24% lower than the warehouse clubs.

Aldi keeps prices low by limiting selection. They only stock about 1,400 of the most popular products. And they only stock one size of each. Plus, 95% of those products are their own "select" brands.

The chain runs its own test-kitchen and guarantees their products taste as good as the name brands. So just how cheap are Aldi's prices?

Their "Fit and Active" yogurt is $.39 for a six-ounce container. The average price for Dannon Light and Fit at three local supermarkets is $.70.

Large eggs are $.99 a dozen at Aldi , as opposed to an average price of $2.89 at supermarkets.

Aldi's Frosted Flakes are $1.89 a box instead of $3.79 for Kellogg's.

And a 20-ounce loaf of white bread is $.79 instead of $1.66.

There are similar savings on fresh produce, meat, and household products.

The store does charge $.10 per bag if you don't bring your own shopping bags and they don't accept coupons or credit cards.

But shoppers seem ready to give up those extras to focus on the bottom line.

To find out if there's an Aldi store near you, click here.

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