Girl Scouts honor code, help out leader

February 9, 2009 1:55:05 PM PST
The Girls Scouts' Law asks that young ladies do their best to be "friendly and helpful," but a local troop is doing that and more to help a fellow Girl Scout and her mother through a difficult time.Like busy bees, Girl Scouts from Cadet Troop 30975 in Berlin are getting their inventory ready for tomorrow when they will again take to supermarkets to sell their thin mints and other cookie delights.

They were going to use their proceeds for a rafting trip, but then their troop leader Jennie Perrrottet suffered a massive heart attack last month.

"She was fine the night of our meeting, so we don't know why it happened," Stacey Jones said.

"When we heard she had a heart attack, all of us started brainstorming, we should give our money to Paige's family to help out," Donna Mealey said.

Jennie Perrottet's daughter Paige is a member of the troop

"I think that's amazing that they did that," Paige said.

Robert Perrottet has been laid off for four months and touched by the troops support for his family.

"Last two weeks emotions were overwhelming, so I had to sit back and take it all in, and I came back to express my gratitude," Robert said.

To help raise funds the girls are increasing the number of booths where they'll sell their cookies.

"I e-mailed our cookie booth coordinator and I told her give me as many as you can, and that's what she did," troop leader Irene Sullivan said.

"We're hoping to get as much [money] as possible because we all love Ms. Jennie and would hate to see her family pay so much money by themselves," Caitlyn Sullivan said.

These girls are demonstrating what it truly means to be a Girl Scout and while they want to help the Perrottet family as much as possible, they can't wait for Jennie Perrottet to get well and come back.

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