Little girls dials 911 for her mom

April 10, 2009 2:52:54 PM PDT
A little girl was able to help her mother because she learned her A-B-C-'s, her 1-2-3's, and 9-1-1.That little girl is named Rileyann. The three-year-old called for lifesaving help when her mom, Michelle Curtis, 37, experience chest pain and fainted after chasing an inflated Easter bunny as it blew across their yard in Newark, Delaware.

"I said, 'If mommy can't make it, you know what to do. So, I tried to get in the door and I tried to come to the sofa to sit down, and I couldn't make it."

That's when Michelle told Rileyann to call an ambulance.

The girl picked up the phone and dialed 911.

Dispatchers answered, and Rileyann said "Mommy's having chest pains." They told her an ambulance was on the way.

EMT's arrived and took Michelle to the hospital.

Michelle was diagnosed with a heart condition that causes irregular heart rhythms back in December, just months her other daughter, Casey, was born. That's when she taught her three year old about 911.

"I said if mommy every falls down and you ever see mommy on the floor, you get the phone and call 911 and people will come and help you," Michelle said.

Michelle's son, seven-year-old Kevin learned the same thing, but was in school when his mom got sick.

When asked about his little sister's heroics, he said "She saved my mom."

Michelle's husband, John, worried his wife would get sick while he's at work and she's alone with the girls.

Now, he's very impressed at what daddy's little girl did.

"At the time I didn't realize how amazing it was. But the more I've thought about it how remarkable it was for a three-year-old to take that on and to handle it as well as she did."

Mom is hopeful surgery will help her condition.

For now, her daughter gets a special treat: She'll get to go to Toys R Us, and get anything she wants.

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