For your information - Free 411!

June 21, 2009 7:18:20 PM PDT
Save on dialing 4-1-1.Depending on where you live and which phone service you use, the cost of an information or 4-1-1 call can cost you as much as $2.25, but you can get the same info and more FOR FREE!

We've found two free services. The first is - 1-800-FREE-411. The downside to this one is you have to listen to an ad before you can get the information you want.

The other free 4-1-1 service does not require you to listen to an ad.The free Google information number is 1-800-GOOG-411. This service will even text you detailed info on the business and send you a map if you have a phone with internet access.

You can also get phone number and address info by sending a TEXT to 46645 or G-O-O-G-L.

Just type in a business name and zip code and Google will text you the address and phone number listings!

LINK: YouTube video explaining the free Google 411.

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