Save on household items!

June 29, 2009 4:25:56 AM PDT
We have found a way you can save hundreds of dollars on brand-name household items and have them delivered right to your home with no shipping charge!On you can buy everything from cleaning, kitchen, and office products to baby products, but you don't have to buy in bulk, pay a membership fee, or drive to a big box store; all you have to do is just order online. says its prices are around 20-percent to 30-percent lower than prices at other stores. And you can be sure of that because its price comparison chart on every product means you're never left guessing on price.

Plus, you always get free shipping!

For each product you add, Alice will automatically apply any available coupons, send you reminders when you're running low, and make it easy for you to reorder.

The only catch here is you have to buy at least six items at a time.

Alice says it can save the typical family about $250 a year and it can offer such low, low prices because it has an innovative business model. You see, Alice doesn't make mark up prices to make money off sales; instead, Alice gets paid by manufacturers for handling fulfillment and customer service.


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