A new way to guard your cubicle

August 12, 2009 4:22:57 AM PDT
How do you let your office mates know you don't want to be bothered?

One company's solution is the CubeGuard.

OK, CubeGuard won't keep intruders out of your cubicle as well as walls and a door.

But it sends a message.

The CubeGuard is a retractable banner about 2 and a-half inches wide.

It comes with messages like "Please Do Not Disturb" or "Out To Lunch."

You can even create your own message, perhaps something like "Get out, please, I hate you all."

CubeGuard's CEO John Stanton notes the keep-out messages are softened with smiley faces on the banners.

A standard CubeGuard kits costs about 20 bucks, the custom messages go for 30.