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(Saving with 6abc - Amy Buckman)

January 8, 2010 3:14:24 PM PST
David Kinsey of Mount Airy has a pine hutch that doesn't fit in his new home.

So, he's giving the hutch away using a new website called

He's also hoping to give away a washer and dryer and maybe pick up some items -- all for free.

"It's a free service," Kinsey explains. "So it's free for anyone to post and for anyone to receive any item that's on this website." is like Craig's List and Freecycle. Items that are posted on Kashless also appear on those sites. But it has a search engine that allows you look for specific items in specific neighborhoods and set up alerts if those items are being offered.

"I have some saved searches," Kinsey says. "I'm saving antiques, mirrors and desks, and it'll tell me, I'll get an alert, each time that goes up."

And though no money changes hands when you give away or pick up items using Kashless, the site rewards users in a way that can put money your pocket.

"When you post items on Kashless, you get 5 points from Recyclebank. And then you can go to the Recyclebank website and redeem those points," Kinsey explains.

"Here in Philadelphia, I can redeem at Shoprite, the Fresh Grocer, CVS and maybe even Riteaid," he adds.

Kinsey says he already has about 200 reward points, which will save him some $20 at a participating retailer.

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