Coupons maximize drug-store savings

June 23, 2010 5:46:15 AM PDT
On Saving with 6abc, we've given you lots of tips on using coupons at supermarkets. But savvy couponers knnow that using coupons at drug stores can also save you lots of money.

"There's no reason to pay for shampoo, or toothpaste or razors or anything like that ever again," says Moms Need to Know blogger Mindi Cherry.

Each of the major drug store chains has its own money-saving program.

CVS gives shoppers "Extra Care Bucks" -- which print out at the bottom of your receipt and can be used like cash on future CVS purchases.

And combined with manufacturer's coupons, the Extra Care Bucks can actually make you money.

Cherry explains, "Let's say that this week, the Schick Hydro is on sale for $7.99 and it's giving you five Extra Care Bucks back. Well, there's a $5 coupon for that. So, you buy the Schick Hydro, pay $2.99 after the coupon, and still get your five ECBs."

Rite Aid has its Single Check rebate program.

"At the end of the month, you submit all of your rebates and you get one big check from Riote Aid," Cherry says.

The rebate checks can be used at Rite Aid or just cashed or deposited at your bank.

Walgreens give shoppers Register Rewards -- which print out when you purchase certain items.

The rewards are coupons for specific items or dollars-off future purchases.

Cherry says, "You can also stack coupons at Walgreens because they have Walgreens coupons and manufacturers coupons. You can really clean up at Walgreens once you have you manufacturer's coupon, your store coupon and your Register Reward."

For Rite Aid and CVS, you do need to register on the store websites to take advantage of the deals, and for all the stores, you have to flexible on brands.

If that sounds complicated, don't worry. Mindi posts all the best deals for all three chains on Moms Need to Know each Saturday afternoon, just in time to use them at the store when the sales start on Sunday.