The Philadelphia Zoo doesn't back down from a bet

In good sportsmanship, Zoo President and CEO, Vik Dewan hands out Chicago style hot-dogs to the Philadelphia Zoo guests.

July 13, 2010 9:41:00 AM PDT
Today, the Philadelphia Zoo has a message for Lincoln Park Zoo: We hold up our end of the bargain.

In honor of the Flyers' trip to the Stanley Cup, the Philadelphia Zoo and the Lincoln Park Zoo had a bet about which city would bring home the Stanley Cup. The loser promised to wear the opposing team's jersey on their home turf and serve Zoo visitors a special culinary favorite of the other's choosing. That is just what Zoo President and CEO, Vik Dewan did yesterday morning at the Philadelphia Zoo.

While in full black hawks gear he handed out Chicago style hot-dogs to the Philadelphia Zoo guests. Guests munched on Chicago style hot-dogs but would have rather gotten cheesesteaks instead. In the end it was decided amongst the Zoo's visitors that he looked much better in orange than in red.

Philadelphia may have lost the Stanley Cup but Philadelphia never backs down from a bet. But that's not all; the Philadelphia Zoo will donate funds to a conservation project of the Lincoln Park Zoo to help with the efforts to save birds affected by the Gulf oil crisis. In the end the animals are the ones who are the true winners.

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