Boy, 14, arrested in Wynnefield wig shop beating caught on camera

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May 7, 2014 2:42:17 PM PDT
A 67-year-old beauty shop employee is speaking out after she was attacked while at work.

The teenage suspect responsible is in police custody, but the victim is still recovering from physical and emotional wounds.

The young suspect apparently launched his criminal career without much planning. He didn't take into account the video surveillance cameras, and he probably didn't count on getting turned in by his own mother.

Philadelphia Police Lieutenant John Walker says, "She did the right thing and brought the kid in to us. Obviously he'll face charges and judge will determine what's going to happened with this young man."

The suspect is just 14-years-old, but he's a big kid. Tuesday morning he tossed the diminutive shop keeper around like a rag doll. The 67-year-old woman tried to call the police, but he grabbed the phone, slammed her into a display case, smashing the glass, and then got her on the ground where he pummeled her with his fists.

This was the second time in two weeks that the same kid robbed Judy's Wig Shop.

The victim, Zung Ja Bang, tells us, "Last time it was just money."

Members of the suspect's family recognized him when the video was made public. Other shopkeepers on the block also recognized him.

Andy Morgan says he came into his shop moments after the first robbery.

Morgan says, "Looking at him when he was sitting down inside here, he was like not normal? Maybe because he just robbed her."

The police say the shopkeeper, who suffered a cut hand and bumps and bruises, is lucky she wasn't more seriously injured given the size of the kid. She thought he was much older.

Zung tells Action News, "Looks like big. Looks like over 20 years, I think. You say 14 years?"

The police say his mother had a tough time handling him since he's such a big kid. Miss Judy, who has three grandchildren, is now planning to sell the shop and retire in California where one of her two sons lives.

The boy has been charged with assault and related offenses.

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