Top 6: Jessica Boyington visits 1-900-Ice-Cream in Kensington

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Friday, July 2, 2021
Jessica Boyington visits 1-900-Ice-Cream
Jessica Boyington has the final stop on her Top 6 of Summer Sweet Treats.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- The sweetest snack in all of Philadelphia: It's 1-900-Ice-Cream!

And I got an exclusive peek into the facilities and how they pack each unique pint from start to finish.

Ryan Fitzgerald is the owner and founder of the brand.

He's actually a self-taught cook and originally used his skills to run an underground restaurant underneath of his apartment.

"I started just as a hobby cooking food," Ryan said.

A long and tasty story later, he took up some factory space in Kensington, with the idea to create quirky ice cream pints using local grass-fed dairy and the purest ingredients you can buy.

"We don't use any flavoring or extracts," Ryan said. "Donut ice cream has actual donuts blended into the base."

All of the flavors are made with the idea of using three main components: A familiar base, a crunch or chunk, and a swirl, creating eccentric combinations that they rarely repeat.

Since the start, Ryan has created over 400 flavors with his team.

When I visited, I was able to try Thunder Lion. That's cold-steeped coffee ice cream, peanut butter bb sauce, extra dark pretzels, Heath bar crunch and salted caramel brulé swirl. Holy Moly!

To get your own taste, you have to sign up for the flavor drop email through the website

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