North Philadelphia minister warning others after beating COVID-19

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- North Philadelphia minister Carl Morrow wants to warn others after beating COVID-19 last month.

Morrow wound up spending a week at the Temple University Hospital COVID wing and wanted to share his story of battling the virus because he believes there are still so many people who think the virus isn't real.

"I'm feeling much better than what I was feeling right before I was hospitalized. I got a cold and then there was a week period of time, six or seven days when I just couldn't eat," said Morrow.

After a quick visit to urgent care, he was sent to the hospital. Minister Morrow says he suffered from everything we've heard the virus can do.

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"I had already contracted the virus. My heart rate was much higher than normal. I'm still on medication for the blood clots, and COVID pneumonia was a thing they diagnosed at the beginning," said Morrow.

Morrow says it's extremely lonely in the hospital.

"Your family is not able to visit you. Even the healthcare professionals, as caring as they are, they're wearing PPE. They're wearing shields. They're wearing masks because they're caring for you, but you're also the most dangerous person in the room," Morrow said.

He wants everyone to continue to take the virus seriously. As far as the vaccine goes, he hopes everyone gets it.

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"I don't think COVID is a conspiracy to chip away at our individual rights. I don't think it's a conspiracy for the government to control us. It's an honest to goodness real virus we need to fight. Of course, you have the Tuskegee experiments and perhaps other things. But I think we need to learn to trust the science," said Morrow.

The Philadelphia minister says he got through the illness with his faith.

"Christ and the prayers of the saints and my mother really pulled me through," added Morrow.
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