Husband, wife open unique fitness center that encourages you to 'pedal and punch'

Jen and Jeff Crompton have always been athletes.

Before they got married, the couple did boxing fitness together.

"It was something that we did that kind of helped us bond, and also get in really great shape for our wedding," said Jen Crompton, a cycling instructor.

After the wedding, they chased their dream of opening a fitness studio together in Ardmore, Pennsylvania. It's called Fuel Cycle Fitness.

Registered nurse Ali Gorman checked out one of the classes, which brings Jen's love of indoor cycling and Jeff's boxing skills together.

You'll start with spinning. Because it's an abbreviated class, Jen increases intensity quickly.

"We start adding resistance a little bit earlier, and do a lot of sprints," said Jen Crompton.

On the bike and board, you can see how hard you're working.

And if you're competitive, you can also see where you rank in class.

After 30 minutes, you're off the bikes and on your way downstairs for the "punch" part of pedal and punch.

You'll cycle through six stations in 2 minute intervals.

"Various punching bags, as well as some mitt work, some jump ropes, a few different core exercises," said Jeff Crompton.

Jeff says from beginner to advance all are welcome. The goal overall is to keep you constantly moving and working.

"You get a really good endurance with the pedal, and then the punch works on a lot of upper body and a lot of coordination," said Paul Douglas of Ardmore, Pennsylvania.

"It's unlike any other workout that I've ever done. We're doing planks, we're doing burpees, we're punching, we're jumping, cycling," said Jill Lutz. "There's no boredom factor."

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