Skier celebrates 100th birthday on the slopes

George Jedenoff turned 100 years old, but he isn't slowing down. There was only one way he wanted to celebrate becoming a centenarian: by hitting the slopes.

"It's wonderful," Jedenoff told KTVX. "I couldn't think of a better birthday present than skiing and having all this attention, which is great."

Jedenoff began to learn to ski at the age of 43. Since then, he's been ripping down Utah mountains every year. This is the 57th year in a row Jedenoff is hitting the slopes.

Snowbird Ski Resort in Utah, which is closed for the season, opened up a run for Jedenoff's 100th birthday.

"If you're having fun, you can keep it up if you behave yourself," Jedenoff said. "Just look at this beautiful country. My God, it's overwhelming to come up here and ski, breathe the fresh air. It just makes you feel great."
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