Regular breakfasts with parents boosts teen body image

Many teenagers are typically running out the door in the morning, grabbing breakfast on the go, or skipping it all-together.

But a new study shows teens who eat breakfast regularly, and with their parents, tend to have healthier weight and a healthy body image.

The study looked at 12-thousand students.

Only 17-percent ate breakfast every day and it was less common to eat with their parents.

But taking a few extra minutes in the morning to eat as a family, can help improve nutrition and lessen the chance for an eating disorder.

Experts say parents setting a good example for kids helps establish a healthy relationship with food.

"The best way to do that is to make it a part of the whole fabric of family life for children to be able to see that it's important to regularly fuel the body and to take care of it through these regular meals," says Kasey Goodpaster, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist at the Cleveland Clinic.

Other studies also show more family time together overall leads to other healthy behaviors such as less screen time and more physical activity.

This doesn't mean you have to have a formal, fancy extended breakfast, but just adding a little time to the routine in the morning to sit down and try to eat together can be beneficial.
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