Trade war with China wearing down local farmers

MERTZTOWN, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- Before the sunset, Bill Boyd took us around his 600-acre farm in Mertztown, Pennsylvania Tuesday evening.

He specifically showed us his 100-acre crop of soybeans.

He said they're doing healthy, but he says thanks to the trade war with China, a decision of President Trump whom he voted for, he doesn't know if these beans will be worth too much in the future.

"It's too late. He destroyed our market, Our market with China. They're gonna go to Brazil for now on," said Boyd.

He says luckily his farm doesn't solely depend on soybeans.

But now that China has ceased all purchase of US agricultural products, he fears farmers could have some dark days ahead.

"China purchased 70% of our soybean exports," he said.

Not far from Boyd's is Kyle Henninger's farm.

He too says he's going to take a hit on his soybean crop, as will any farmer exporting to China.

He said, "Beans should be $10-$11 a bushel and now they're $8.40 a bushel."

But Henninger wouldn't say he's given up on President Trump. He's more hopeful.

"I would hope him and China come to some agreement and have some fair trade," said Henninger.

However, it seems Boyd's patience has run out.

"Do you think there's a Hail Mary coming?" asked reporter Bob Brooks.

"No I don't. He's set in his ways. He's going to stick to his guns. Why would he change now?" said Boyd.
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