6 Minute Meal: Main & Vine's Asparagus Pesto with bucatini pasta

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Wednesday, November 20, 2019
6 Minute Meal: Main & Vine's Asparagus Pesto with bucatini pasta
In this week's 6 Minute Meal, learn the recipe for Main & Vine's Asparagus Pesto with bucatini pasta.

The Meal: Asparagus Pesto with bucatini pasta from Main & Vine Restaurant in Villanova.

Serves: 6-8 ppl

Asparagus Pesto

Makes: 4 cups

8oz extra virgin olive oil (1 cup)

2.5oz pine nuts

5oz usable leaves/stems basil (@4 bunches)

9oz asparagus, stem and removed and slice thin

2oz pecorino cheese

Chef Tip: Main & Vine is a northern California style bistro so the chef uses California Midnight Moon goat cheese for this dish at the restaurant

2 cloves garlic, slice thin

12 grams salt

3 grams black pepper

8 oz grapeseed oil


1. In a vita mix blender, first add the olive oil, pine nuts and basil

2. Start pureeing over low speed. Push down with a 2oz ladle. Mixture should look chunky/pasty

3. Add the asparagus, cheese, garlic, salt and pepper.

4. Continue to puree, adding the grapeseed oil slowly

5. Re-season with salt and pepper, as needed


@ 2 lbs cooked bucatini pasta

Chef Tip: You can pre-cook your pasta and leave it a little undercooked so it can finish in the sauce. You can substitute your pasta of choice but the chef recommends a long pasta

1 bunch asparagus, sliced into 1" pieces

cup water

1 cup grated midnight moon goat cheese or cheese of choice

1. In a saute pan, sweat the asparagus pieces in olive oil until al dente

2. Add the pesto and cook for 1-2 minutes

3. Add the water and then your pre-cooked pasta and cook until the pasta is completely hot

4. Serve in a bowl and garnish with grated cheese and fresh chopped chives

Chef Tip: For some added texture, top with crunchy garlic bread crumbs. Simply toss bread crumbs in garlic flavored olive oil and toast in the oven at 350-degrees until crunchy (10-12m). This, also, can be done ahead of time and will keep for up to 2 weeks.

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Main & Vine California Bistro

789 East Lancaster Ave

Villanova, Pennsylvania 19085

(484) 380-3688