Montgomery County dad uses COVID-19 recovery to focus on nonprofit

Danny Lahr, 44, is beginning his recovery after after becoming sick with COVID-19 last month.

He has been in isolation since that time. Not only has he been physically cut off from the outside world, but his wife and daughter as well.

Lahr said on March 14, his temperature was 103 degrees. In addition to a cough and fever, Lahr had lost all circulation in his fingers.

His doctor told him to go directly to Abington Hospital. Eight days later, the test for COVID-19 came back positive.

For the past weeks, Lahr said family and friends have supported him immensely, delivering groceries, and checking in on his wife and daughter daily.

"The amount of people who have reached out, you just realize the number of good people there are in the world," Lahr said.

During his time in quarantine, Lahr reflected on all the good he received and it compelled him to give that good back to people who need it. Specifically, children like his daughter Reagan who has Cerebral Palsy.

Lahr said he started a foundation called Roses From Reagan years ago but time was never on his side.

"Unfortunately, I'm self-employed, my wife is self-employed, and we have a daughter who has some special needs and lots of doctor's appointments and time was never there...I have nothing but time right now," he said.

Lahr used the time wisely and started fundraising for the non-profit which is dedicated to helping families with children who undergo spinal surgeries for conditions like Cerebral Palsy.

He considers himself lucky that his COVID-19 symptoms were not serious enough to put him in the hospital. Calling this experience another chance at shaping life, Lahr has a new outlook and a new mission: to grow the foundation and support families like his own.

Lahr's wife and daughter do not have any symptoms but will remain quarantined for two more weeks.
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