Fuzzy Bunny battles Tiny Hamsters in new adorable video

Do you ever have rich fantasies in your dreams? Watch as this Fuzzy Bunny escapes into an adorable fantasy, casting himself as a fighter pilot taking on the mischievous tiny hamsters.

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HelloDenizen, the YouTube team that brought you "Tiny Hamster Eating Tiny Burrito" and other viral hamster hits, just released its latest short movie, starring the often seen side character, Fuzzy Bunny.

As Bunny is tucked in for the night, he drifts off into a dream while his teeny, tiny mobile of fighter biplanes circles round. Suddenly, he's piloting a fighter plane alongside his other fuzzy friend. Together, they battle tiny hamsters in an epic dogfight, vanquishing their enemies with tiny carrot bullets.

HelloDenizen says professional animal trainers are always present during filming to ensure that the animals are safe and unharmed, as exemplified by the use of cardboard stunt-doubles for the more intense action sequences.

Photos used with permission.
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