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Wednesday, June 18, 2014
VIDEO: Running for weight loss
Ali Gorman shows us how to run for weight loss.

If you have ever trained for a long distance run and noticed instead of losing weight, you've gained some, you're not alone. It's a common problem, but there is a quick solution.

I joined Core Fitness for "Hills and Drills". Trainer Cindy Brown says it's the secret to breaking out of a plateau and getting a better body.

Lorrie Krebs' story explains it best.

Years ago she started running long distance to tighten her body.

She says, "I felt like I was healthy, less winded and could go longer distances, but I wasn't seeing a change in my body at all."

Cindy says one reason this happens is because your body gets used to the same routine.

"You don't want to do the same thing daily," Cindy explains. "You want to change it up by weights, pushups, sprints, doing some hills."

That's the concept of a training plan featured in Women's Running. It's an 8 week program called "Running for Weight Loss".

Like Core Fitness, it changes up your routine. You'll still do a fat-burning run, but also hills, sprints, and strength training.

When Lorrie made these changes she saw quick results.

"You will lose some inches, you will feel stronger, pants will fit a little looser," Lorrie said.

Cindy tells us, "I always give people the analogy of a car - if you go in cruise control, it burns less gas. But if you floor it, it burns more gas."

It's about intensifying it, it's about changing it as often as you can, and in doing that you will also probably find more satisfaction out of your workout because it keeps it interesting.

Of course, nutrition is also important.

Cindy says if you run five miles, but then reward yourself with nachos and beer, you're wiping out all your hard work.

For more information on Core Fitness classes, visit: www.core-fit.com

For the Women's Running 8 week "Running for Weight Loss" training plan, visit: the Women's Running.

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