Action News Troubleshooters help hero get new refrigerator

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- We all need a little help now and again, even a woman who's been hailed a hero for her actions that saved the life of a Philadelphia police officer.

Ruth McGirt is a grandmother who is relentless.

She cooks for her grandchildren every night, so she was beside herself when her fridge went on the fritz. Her persistence compelled her to turn to the Troubleshooters.

"I said, 'Miss you better get me a refrigerator today or somebody better get out here and take care of me today,'" said McGirt.

McGirt was furious on the day of her appointment to get her 10-month-old refrigerator fixed. The technician was a no-show.

"She said, 'Oh Miss McGirt you called on the 22nd and canceled your appointment.' I said, 'Miss that's a lie I didn't call and cancel my appointment. I said, 'My appointment is today and it's from 8 to 12,'" she said.

"I said, 'Miss, let me tell you, have you ever heard of Channel 6 where they come out and take care of the problem if you don't?' She said, 'Yeah,' And what I say well, 'If you don't take it a problem, that's who I'm going to call as soon as I get off the phone.' She said, 'Well Miss McGirt, you do what you have to do.' I said thank you."

McGirt is no stranger to Action News. Back in 1993, she sat down with us after she helped save the life of Officer John Marynowitz. After he was shot outside of her house, she sprang into action performing CPR on him all the way to the hospital, ultimately saving his life.

Back to her fridge.

You can guess what happened after she called on the Troubleshooters for backup. McGirt got to pick out a brand new upgraded refrigerator the very next day.

"You just kicked me to the side and said do what you got to do. So I did. I called Channel 6," she said.

You might say it's just a new appliance but for McGirt it's much more.

"And thank you. I appreciate that so I got my brand new refrigerator."
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