Military dad surprises dolphin trainer daughter at work

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Friday, February 19, 2021
Military dad surprises daughter with emotional homecoming
We dolphin-itely need some tissues for this one!

Clearwater, FL. -- An intern at a Florida aquarium got a wonderful surprise while she was working on February 15.

Footage by Clearwater Marine Aquarium shows intern Katheryn hard at work when her dad, who was deployed to Afghanistan almost a year ago, walks in and greets her.

According to the aquarium, Special Agent Dalrymple was supposed to come home in March, and when he learned he could come home early, decided to stop by at his daughter's internship for an emotional surprise reunion.

The pair embrace while Katheryn's colleagues clap. They then pose for a family picture which is hilariously photobombed by a cheeky dolphin.

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