Did sausage sandwich fix prevent I-95 collapse?

March 19, 2008 10:55:33 AM PDT
A structural engineer's hankering for a hot sausage sandwich might have helped save Interstate 95 from collapse.

Peter Kim and his colleague Tony Jen were on their way back to their office after an inspection nearby and pulled off I-95 in Philadelphia's Port Richmond neighborhood for a late lunch Monday.

After eating their sandwiches in their car, they were driving alongside the elevated highway when Kim spotted a huge crack in a concrete support column.

Kim works for a Bristol consulting firm - Specialty Engineering. He took pictures of the cracked column with his cell phone and called PennDOT immediately.

The 6-foot crack in the 15-foot tall column led transportation officials to close a three-mile stretch of the highway within hours of Kim's discovery.

The interstate remains closed as workers erect four steel towers to take the weight off the pillar and support the highway. It's hoped that the highway can reopen Wednesday night.