Girl survives screwdriver in head

December 27, 2007 4:56:45 AM PST
A two year-old Minnesota girl will have quite a tale to tell when she gets older.

A screwdriver went straight into her head and the only damage it left behind is a bruise.

Teagon Gislason was playing with some kids at her Cannon Falls church last week when she found a screwdriver. She started running with it and then fell.

The screwdriver entered her head just above the left eye.

Teagon's parents rushed her to St. Mary's Hospital in Rochester where doctors removed the screwdriver without having to perform surgery.

They say that neither Teagon's eye nor her brain was damaged. But they said it could have been a much different story if the screwdriver had gone into her head an inch or two over. She's expected to make a full recovery and will probably end up with a scar as a permanent reminder.

Teagon's parents say her good health was all they needed for Christmas.