Ramsey talks to the neighborhoods

January 15, 2008 5:29:36 AM PST
Philadelphia's new police commissioner is taking his war on crime into the communities of the city. Monday night he held his first in a series of town hall meetings. It took place at South Philadelphia High School.

Commissioner Chuck Ramsey may be new to Philadelphia but he's no stranger to law enforcement and formulating policies for combating crime. But he says these plans have to be tailored for specific neighborhoods. Commissioner Ramsey made it clear in South Philadelphia that he came to listen as he formulates his plan to address Michael Nutter's Crime Commission.

He listened and took notes but he didn't hesitate if he disagreed with someone. Ramsey told the audience he plans to put crime stats on the Internet and he gave insight on the command structure he plans.

Ramsey told those in attendance, "One of the qualities I'm looking for in people who run these districts is to interact with people."

His choice of a uniform over a suit seems to be having an effect. There were no suits among the brass either.

The mayor stopped by as well. "I wanted to be here to lend a word of support." But beyond that Nutter let it be known it was Ramsey's meeting with the people.

Ramsey tells Action news, "People are motivated and concerned and want to see a change and want to see things improving in their neighborhoods. And there's some good ideas. A lot of talk around prevention, which is very good ? patrol. Basically what they're saying is they want to know the officers are serving their community."

Following the meeting the commissioner left with 3 pages of notes. There are 5 more meetings before he submits his plans at the end of the month.


Town hall meeting schedule is as follows:

  • Tuesday 01-15-2008 7:00 PM Lincoln High School Rhawn & Rowland St.
  • Wednesday 01-16-2008 7:00 PM Stetson High School B & Allegheny Ave.
  • Thursday 01-17-2008 7:00 PM William Penn High School 1333 N Broad St.
  • Tuesday 01-22-2008 7:00 PM Pinn Memorial Baptist Ch. 2251 N 54th St
  • Wednesday 01-23-2008 7:00 PM Martin Luther King High Sch. Stenton & Haines