Reality TV school is in session!

NEW YORK - January 5, 2009 - Maida Jones of Philadelphia told Action News she believes she has what it takes to land a role on a show.

"I do things that are a little spontaneous," said Maida.

Latresa Baker is also a believer.

Baker thinks she's destined for reality TV.

But she has no idea exactly how to get cast on a show.

"I wouldn't know the first thing about what to do, other than show up at the casting call and be like okay I am here," added Latresa.

Latresa's looking to learn, so she and other reality TV wanabees are going to reality TV school.

Seven months ago, Robert Galinsky opened The New York Reality TV School.

It is the only program in the world where people come to create a television presence that he promises will last a lifetime.

"I went on the internet and googled reality TV school and nowhere in the world was anybody doing it. I had a shiver. Got the goose bumps and thought maybe I have a good idea here," said Galinsky.

Aspiring students come to his school from all across the country. Classes cost anywhere from $139 to $300.

Galinsky teaches three key principles.

First, he builds contestants' confidence in stressful situations.

"Confidence is key. You'll learn that your story, your life, no matter how boring and mundane you think it is, it's potentially very interesting to everyone else and we are going to dig deep and find out that's true," added Galinsky.

Second, he encourages his student to tell their individual stories in a vibrant, compelling way.

And finally, he says it's important to be genuine.

Be yourself, only better.

And, all along, the cameras keep rolling. Temple student Eric Sciole captures all the action for Galinsky.

"It's interesting to see how people adjust to cameras how people want to be in the entertainment business, what people do, what's going through their heads," said Sciole.

Galinsky brings in the industry pros, including casting directors to even the people who've already taken a turn on reality TV.

On the day Action News visited the school, Philadelphia native and President of Merv Griffin Entertainment, Roy Bank also came to class.

And, get this: Bank thinks the reality TV school has all the ingredients of a great reality TV show!

"I think that there might be a show here. I think there might be a show inside a show," said Roy Bank.

Galinsky says his school is the real deal, but he makes no guarantees. It's up to his students to be the stars; to earn their 15 minutes of fame.

"Reality television is a genre here to stay," added Galinsky.

The school is only a few months old and has had a few success stories. Meantime, the students keep coming, daring to dream the dream of becoming a star on reality TV.


The New York Reality TV School

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