3 gunmen ransack Rite Aid store

January 13, 2008 4:43:30 PM PST
A Northeast Philadelphia pharmacy employee is nursing wounds after gunmen raided the store, stealing a cache of pills. Shortly after 10:30 this morning three African American men, wearing gloves and ski masks, walked into the Rite Aid at 4018 Woodhaven Road. Inside the suspects encountered two employees, whom they led to a backroom.

At some point one of the suspects was startled and fired his shotgun into the floor. Pellets ricocheted into the arm and cheek of the 23-year-old female employee.

The employees were then tied up by their hands and feet while the suspects looted the pharmacy section, filling trash bags with all of the store's narcotic pills.

The gunmen then fled to an awaiting vehicle.

Police are investigating.