Students get healthy lunches

January 15, 2008 4:09:00 PM PST
A petition and a salad bar led to healthier lunches for students.Students from Maple Point Middle School were disappointed with their school lunches and wanted a change. They thought of how nice it would be if they had a salad bar.

Students told Action News about their quest for the salad bar.

"Before, we'd have the same choices everyday, hot dogs, pizza, hamburgers," seventh grader Zack Miller said.

"They're not very good," seventh grader Ryan Jacobs said.

"We wanted healthier choices so we decided to get a salad bar," seventh grader Brian Whilhare said.

After being told that the salad bar would not be implemented, with only five students asking for it, the boys started a petition. In the end, they were able to acquire 412 signatures, about half the population of Maple Point Middle School.

The boys presented their petition to the Neshaminy School District's Food Service director and, a week later, students were lining up for romaine,broccoli, and Mandarin oranges.

"I was so pleased to see how many students even waited through that line because they're not used to it. I don't think the cafeteria staff knew how many students would be purchasing salads today," Kelly Macauley, Coordinator for the Neshaminy School District's Family and Consumer Sciences Coordinator, said.

The Maple Point Middle School salad bar is causing excitement throughout the district.

"We have other schools that want to do it right away," Neshaminy School District Food Service Director Marie Wallace said.