The Murder of Jerome Boyer

Crescentville: January 18, 2008

"Jerome was a good hearted, tender hearted guy," said his mother, Joann Hardy.

35-year-old Jerome Boyer was young at heart.

"He loved to box and he loved to play video games," said his brother Darien Hardy.

Jerome was a welder with a wife and two young sons. In his spare time he was training for his dream of becoming a boxing champion.

"He was getting in shape. He was working out everyday he was being consistent," Darien explained.

Jerome had a fight on Friday night August 3rd. When he returned to his house, in the 58-hundred block of Colgate Street in the city's Crescentville section, police say he was approached by a man. There was an argument and then the man shot Jerome seven times.

"Police officer told me he didn't make it. Every single day that moment plays over and over in my mind," Darien said.

Police believe Jerome struggled with his killer because his gym bag had popped open and was lying next to him.

"They took a special person away they took someone's father away from them," said Valerie Boyer, Jerome's wife.

Jerome's family has put together a three thousand dollar reward for anyone with information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible.

"Please please if you know anything it's an anonymous tip tell us we just want to know," said Joann.

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