Light snow blankets the region

January 17, 2008 9:27:27 PM PST
A mix of snow and rain managed to slow down the evening commute, and left behind a light blanket of white.

There was a sea of red taillights just about everywhere you looked along the Schuylkill Expressway and City Line Avenue area. We saw one motorist take a shortcut thru the grass to try to bypass the congestion.

Over in Plymouth Township, PennDOT crews were doing their best to stay of top of things. The snow was not difficult to manage, but the back roads were a mess.

In New Jersey, the storm didn't cause too much traffic disruption on the roads, according to New Jersey Turnpike Authority spokesman Joseph Orlando.

Salt trucks were deployed on the turnpike, causing the speed limit to be reduced to 45 mph between Interchanges 1 and 6 and 50 mph between 6 and 8, he said.

As the snow gave way to a light drizzle, people came out to clean up the mess Mother Nature left behind.

Private contractors were trying to rake up whatever they could in extra income plowing parking lots.

The good news is that the morning commute was expected to be okay.